Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.  For years to come, you’ll look back at your photos with pride.  They’ll hold a sentimental place in your heart, and they’ll serve as the symbol of your union.  However, most of the tuxedo options for weddings are lackluster.  They don’t communicate the level of style or elegance that you want for a day as crucial as your wedding day.  When you turn to a rental company or you choose to buy off-the-rack, you’re faced with an overwhelming amount of choices that are ill-fitting and devoid of stylish detail.  To ensure you shine and reach your full sartorial potential on your big day, you should commission a bespoke tuxedo.

Bespoke Advantages

Bespoke tuxedos offer timeless style that’s tailored specifically to you.  On their own, tuxedos are the ultimate expression of formality.  They’re reserved for the most refined affairs.  Thus, bespoke tuxedos take that inspiration to the next level.  Instead of a mass-produced tux that needs countless adjustments, bespoke tuxedos are produced entirely from square one.  Your desires, your preferences and your measurements guide the process.  Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance throughout the bespoke experience. 

How It’s Made

In terms of process, bespoke tuxedos are crafted very similarly to custom suits.  During your first appointment, you’ll select all the details of your tuxedo.  You’ll choose the lapel, the color, the trouser and whether you’ll require a waistcoat.  After nailing down the specifics, the tailor will take your measurements, which are the most critical part of ensuring your tuxedo fit is superior.

From there, a series of patternmaking, cutting and sewing ensues to construct your tuxedo.  You’ll try on the initial tuxedo to confirm that the fit is exactly as you imagined.  Then, final adjustments will be made and your tuxedo will be ready.

How This Process Differs

Your tuxedo presents an opportunity to stand out in a big way on your wedding day.  When crafting this luxe suit from scratch, you can buck tradition and create something unique that’s memorable and fresh.  You aren’t limited to just simple black tuxedos.  You can choose a double-breasted shawl collar.  Or you can select a white dinner jacket to evoke classic red carpet style.  You can go with midnight blue for a modern spin.  You can even add satin trim to various areas of your tuxedo such as the pockets and the lapel.  There’s truly no limit to what you can customize.  No detail is spared; every part of your wedding tuxedo will be customized to your liking.

Additionally, in opposition to rental or off-the-rack tuxedos, a bespoke tux will provide you with more comfort and range of motion.  Hand sewn garments are created with the wearer in mind.  Where mass produced suits are created through automated processes and machinery, your bespoke tux is crafted with care.  And thus, it fits exactly the way it’s meant to. Your wedding day is a day in which you need to look your absolute best.  The only way to reach new style heights and create vivid memories is with an elegant bespoke tuxedo