Though a traditional suit works well to communicate refinement and elegance, there are several occasions in which a standalone blazer works well.  Many office dress codes call for business casual, which rarely requires full suiting except for major meetings and presentations.  Semi-formal weddings are a great chance to pair a well-fitted blazer back to chinos or complementary trousers.  Even happy hours, first dates or important family events are appropriate for a great blazer.  However, like the same problems experienced when shopping off-the-rack suits, department store blazers can often pose serious fit problems.

When you think about a suit, the lion’s share of the attention goes to the blazer.  It requires the most measurements for accuracy and has the most complexity in terms of fit.  From the shoulder seam to the ease of the button closure to the length, there are several key fit points to consider.  It’s highly unlikely that a ready-made blazer will effectively address these concerns.  However, commissioning a custom blazer from Tailored Foundation will.

When you work with us, we’ll use our multi-generational sartorial expertise to craft a blazer that meets your every need.

Quality Construction

We specialize in blazers that are timeless—style that’s suited to you and that will never go out of fashion.  When the process begins, your tailor will take a series of measurements.  Your sleeve length, wingspan and chest size are just a few of the necessary numbers to build your blazer from scratch.  From there, you’ll pick out the details that will make it unique to you.  You’ll choose your lapel (notch or peak), the fabric, the vent and even the buttons.  Together with your tailor, you’ll craft a stunning blazer that’s authentically you.

After your measurements and preferences are pulled together, your jacket’s construction process commences.  Your jacket will be half-canvassed.  This is a construction method in which your jacket is pulled together by both fusing and stitching fabric to a canvas to create your blazer’s shape.  This is a high-quality process that ensures a perfect lapel, excellent chest fit and incredible drape.

For a Man of Any Size

There’s a common misconception that custom clothing is reserved for abnormally large men—that NBA and NFL players need individualized garments because off-the-rack blazers aren’t crafted for men with large muscles or physiques.  However, it isn’t just this specific group of athletes who can benefit from custom blazers.  Ready-to-wear blazers are cut from a standard sizing pattern.  Hardly any man in America can fit these generic patterns perfectly.  Every man has a unique body with different needs (one arm longer than the other, broad shoulders, etc.).  Custom blazers are cut and sewn to fit your body perfectly.  Your measurements are the guiding force of the process—not the other way around.

At Tailored Foundation, we’ll deliver a blazer that’s made of the highest quality and perfectly suited to your individual needs.  This is a luxury experience at an affordable price.  Instead of sorting through the mess of standard blazers at your local department stores, contact us to get started on the blazer that will change your style forever.