Shoes are a pivotal part of any man’s wardrobe.  Ideally, men’s footwear should be stylish, high quality and tailored to the wearer’s taste.  However, when shopping ready-to-wear shoes, a host of problems ensue.  The quality and longevity of the shoes are questionable.  The style is never exactly what the wearer is expecting.  Additionally, the fit is almost never perfect.  When shopping ready-to-wear shoes, customers are forced to select the best option from a sea of selections—all of which have been created and altered based on standard shoe models. The custom shoe experience ensures these concerns are addressed.  It’s a process that provides the wearer with the finest client experience and an unrivaled level of satisfaction.  The custom shoe experience revolves around the client’s expectations.  Thus, there’s no room for disappointment.


During the custom shoe experience, the shoemaker and the client work as partners to create the perfect pair of shoes.  From the type of leather to the patina, the client customizes every aspect of the shoe.  No stone is left unturned to please the client and deliver the shoes of his dreams.

The First Meeting

At the start of the custom shoe experience, the shoemaker and client will meet to discuss the desired result.  In this meeting, the shoemaker will walk the client through every aspect of the shoe.  It’s here that the client will select his preferred leather, identify the patina, choose the soles and even point out the type of shoe trees he wants to use once the shoes are complete.  After solidifying the details, the shoemaker will take a series of roughly ten measurements.  To ensure these shoes are tailored exactly to the client’s foot, everything from the width to the volume of the foot must be examined.

The Construction

After concluding the first meeting, the initial wave of shoe construction gets underway.  During this time, the last is constructed based on the previously taken measurements.  A canvas is used to create the cardboard pattern that will guide the leather cutting process.  The pieces of leather are stitched to a prototype.

The Fit Session

With the prototype complete, the client will meet with the shoemaker again to try on the shoes.  They’ll be far from complete, but this stage is meant to double check fit and style points before moving forward in the process.  If all checks out, the final assembly stage begins for the shoes.

The Final Stages

In the final stages of the custom shoe process, the leather is stitched to the last and the shoes are thoroughly inspected and cleaned.  Lastly, before the process is declared complete, the patina is applied.  Then, the shoes are set to be delivered to the client.

The custom shoe process involves several skilled craftsmen who work upwards of 50 hours on just one pair of shoes.  The process takes roughly 6 months and as many as 12 people are involved at various stages.  While initiating the custom shoe experience might seem involved, this is a guarantee that the final product will meet the client’s every need, and he walks away with a pair of expertly crafted shoes that will last a lifetime.