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Clothes are designed to bring out your inner gentleman, instill confidence when walking into a big meeting or special occasion, and most importantly, make you look your best while remaining comfortable. To look your best, you need to be dressed in the highest quality clothing.  Most men seek to find the balance between overspending on luxury goods they don’t understand and underspending on poorly made garments that won’t last.  While there are thousands of suitmakers vying for your attention and your hard-earned dollars, nothing compares to the elegance and charm of a custom suit from Tailored Foundation.  With our custom suiting process, you can design the suit you’ve always dreamed of without emptying your wallet.

Perhaps the most desirable aspect of custom suiting is the customization aspect.  You can effectively bridge the gap between quality, style and personal preference.  This is what differentiates them from the ready-made suits found in most departmental stores. We provide our clients with a high-quality garment that easily helps them stand out from the sea of men adorned in trends or basic suiting. The benefits of wearing custom suits are plentiful. The process considers the needs of people with different body types, heights and idiosyncrasies. Whether you are tall or short, thin or large, improving your personal appearance can help you unlock your potential in several aspects of your life.

Here are some tips you can consider while having your suits customized

Customize Every Aspect

When you initiate the custom suiting experience, you’re working as a partner with your tailor.  Together, you’ll take your vision from an abstract concept to a finished product.  You’ll start by customizing every single aspect of the suit.  Fabric choice is first.  You’ll choose from a series of wools including super 100s, super 120s and super 150s.  The climate in which you live and the occasion you’re designing for are all considered when selecting the fabric.  Additionally, you’ll decide on your jacket’s lapel and vent, your contrast color, your jacket lining and the break in your trousers.  This is the most collaborative part of the process as you share your desires for the suit.  Don’t fret if you haven’t thought through every detail.  Our tailors can make recommendations based on your tastes and preferences.

The Perfect Creation

To get your suit just right, our tailor takes approximately 25 measurements including your chest size, shoulder width and sleeve length.  These detailed measurements will be used to cut and sew the fabric to create your suit.  Once the initial suit is complete, you’ll try it on and work with your tailor to determine if everything is perfect.  At Tailored Foundation, we’re perfectionists and alterations are included in our process to ensure you walk away completely satisfied.

At Tailored Foundation, our suiting expertise stems from a time-honored, multi-generational family tradition.  We have the passion for fine suiting and the experience to match.  From our unrivaled client experience to our selection of customization options, we’re the perfect choice for your next custom suit.