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Our Heritage

Welcome to The Tailored Foundation’s Heritage Page, where tradition meets innovation, and craftsmanship intertwines with empowerment. Explore our story, rooted in generations of skill and resilience, that continues to shape our commitment to exquisite tailoring and global empowerment.

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Client-Centric Craftsmanship.

The Tailored Foundation

Greetings! I am Aarish Mustafa, and I am both the founder and heart behind The Tailored Foundation. My journey into the world of sartorial elegance was ignited during my career in the dynamic realm of Investments and Finance. As I navigated the professional landscape, I soon realized the pressing need for high-quality, impeccably fitted attire, all while grappling with the financial constraints of an entry-level salary. This challenge became a point of frustration, but it also kindled the spark of innovation within me.

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Crafting Our Legacy

An Inspiration and a Pioneer

Tailoring holds a special place at the very heart of our family’s story. When my grandfather’s pension couldn’t cover our family’s needs, my grandmother resolved not to let our family crumble. She harnessed her exceptional sewing and cutting talents, along with her limited resources, including just ONE sewing machine. With unwavering determination, she began imparting sewing and stitching skills to a handful of students from the neighbourhood. As word of these classes spread, that solitary sewing machine multiplied – from one to two, two to four, and so forth.

Crafting Our Legacy

Empowerment Through Tailoring

In time, this grassroots endeavor transformed into a full-fledged industrial hub, boasting more than FIFTY machines and operating in multiple shifts. This homegrown enterprise not only provided vital support to our family but also became a catalyst for empowerment and education. Notably, a significant portion of our students were women who, inspired by the skills they acquired, ventured forth to establish their own successful small businesses.

This inspiring legacy of craftsmanship, resilience, and empowerment continues to guide The Tailored Foundation’s commitment to excellence and social responsibility.


Our Goal

The passion for the craft has stayed with the family and continues to inspire the company to find similar families around the world to do business with. We hope to empower individuals on a global level. Currently, The Tailored Foundation is in the process of partnering with organizations that provide vocational training and education in the developing world.

We look forward to growing into a marquee brand with a socially-responsible approach, and help our customers meet their needs for custom Tailored and handcrafted finishes.